EyeToy: Groove

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EyeToy: Groove is a PlayStation 2 dancing game, different from any that came before it in at least one important way. Unlike genre-founding titles such as Konami's Dance Dance Revolution or rhythm-shooter hybrids such as Amplitude or Rez, Groove doesn't use a dance pad, or even a standard Dual Shock controller. Instead, players dance to the beat in front of the EyeToy camera, which displays their moves on the TV screen as the game software calculates the accuracy of their rhythm and timing to the music being played. Prompts appear on the screen, directing players to move their arms, hips, and bodies in time to the beat. Various game modes allow two players to compete head-to-head for high-scores, conquer challenges together, or just have fun dancing on their own television screens. A calorie-counter feature can estimate the amount of energy spent moving to the music. Groove features an eclectic selection of over two dozen licensed songs, by artists such as Jamiroquai, Jessica Simpson, Fatboy Slim, Madonna, and Elvis Presley.