Cow Town

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At first glance, Cow Town seems to be a documentary, as an unseen narrator describes the changes made in the Old West by the advent of barbed wire. Before long, however, the audience is assured that this will be a typical Gene Autry western. Autry plays a ranch owner who incurs the wrath of his neighbors by placing barbed wire around his turf. The local cowboys are certain that the new "invention" will mean the end of their jobs, since there will no longer be a need for ranch hands to keep the cattle from roaming free. Feeding into these fears is a group of "concerned citizens," who turn out to be a band of cattle rustlers. Autry manages to round up the baddies, smooth the ruffled feathers of the cowboys, and sing several old favorites. The supporting cast includes Gail Davis, who'd later star in the Autry-produced TV series Annie Oakley, and ace stunt men Jock Mahoney and Ted Mapes. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title; The Open Range [4:23]
2. Rider Comin' [1:16]
3. Down in the Valley [1:37]
4. A Real Spitfire [3:27]
5. Riding in Style [2:01]
6. The Double-Cross [9:33]
7. Buffalo Gals [1:11]
8. Newfangled Wire [5:37]
9. Pulling Up the Fence [6:42]
10. The Smoldering Flames of Range Warfare [6:25]
11. Powder Your Face With Sunshine [1:17]
12. Reward [1:38]
13. Runaway Livestock [8:07]
14. Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie [1:21]
15. Wrong Place at the Wrong Time [6:30]
16. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing [9:43]