Tarzan, The Ape Man

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John Derek directed this 1981 vanity production of the Tarzan tale as a bon-bon for his wife Bo Derek. The Bo Derek version answers any questions viewers may have had concerning Tarzan and Jane's sex life. The film begins as Jane (Bo Derek)'s father Parker (Richard Harris) heads to the African interior on the pretext of searching for hidden jungle secrets. He is actually looking for Tarzan (Miles O'Keeffe), whom he plans to kidnap and bring back to England dead or alive. Jane accompanies her manic father, along with his unassuming assistant Holt (John Phillip Law). Realizing that Parker is on his trail, Tarzan kidnaps Jane and it is love at first sight. Parker forges on, trying to capture Tarzan and save his daughter. But Tarzan finally saves the day when Jane is kidnapped by a band of African mud worshippers, who are preparing her to be sacrificed to the gods. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Lady to Our Taste (Credits) [5:53]
2. Welcoming Jane [6:02]
3. Strong Emotions [7:31]
4. Another Parker Fib? [3:43]
5. Pictures of an Expedition [3:22]
6. Elephant Serenade [2:22]
7. Fear of the Unknown [6:43]
8. Up the Escarpment [3:00]
9. Ocean Bathing [4:54]
10. Lion and Woman Tamer [4:45]
11. What This Ape Wants [4:21]
12. Deadly Darkness [2:04]
13. Taken by Tarzan [3:03]
14. Python Peril [4:28]
15. Animal Escort [4:13]
16. Her First Time [2:48]
17. Mutual Curiosity [4:16]
18. Night's Unrest [3:14]
19. Next Morning [4:26]
20. Strange Problem [2:32]
21. Wanted [4:13]
22. Captives [3:04]
23. Cheetah Brings Word [4:17]
24. Parker's Ivory Touch [5:03]
25. Tarzan vs. Ivory King [3:18]
26. Final Loving Pictures [6:03]
27. End Credits Romp [4:57]