Talons of the Eagle

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In this Canadian martial-arts actioner, the DEA becomes desperate to bring dreaded druglord Mr. Li to justice and so teams up vice-detective Michael Reed with master-martial-artist Tyler Wilson to stop the crook. Before they can, they are taught the deadly "Eagle Claw" technique from Master Pan. The duo then enter Mr. Li's kickboxing contest which features Li's gigantic bodyguard Khan. Later the crooks and the heroes converge at Li's glittering nightclub, which is managed by his blonde-bombshell girl friend who is actually an undercover agent who ends up falling in love with Reed. With the club wired to explode in only minutes, the good-guys and the bad-guys engage in deadly, desperate mortal combat. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles/Steel Balls [5:13]
2. A Bust Gone Bad [7:16]
3. Tyler in Toronto [5:41]
4. Where's My Money [6:01]
5. Training Days [5:07]
6. Mr. Li's Tournament [5:31]
7. International Connections [5:15]
8. Learning the Ropes [5:48]
9. Mr. Li's Girl [6:55]
10. The Assignment [6:10]
11. Just Doing My Job [6:34]
12. True Colors [4:52]
13. Make Your Move [5:30]
14. You Pay the Price [6:16]
15. Final Bout [9:12]
16. Fireball/End Titles [4:30]