Swann in Love

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This ambitious attempt to film a portion of Marcel Proust's epic novel -Remembrance of Things Past stars Jeremy Irons as Charles Swann, a Jewish intellectual who has managed to overcome growing anti-Semitism in 19th century France and travels in an elite social circle. But Swann has become obsessed with Odette (Ornella Muti), a courtesan who cares more for money than Swann's passion for her. In time they marry, but Swann soon realizes his desire for her is based purely on physical lust for someone with whom he has no rapport, or even much affection, and the relationship begins to erode the social acceptance Swann struggled to achieve. Meanwhile, the Baron de Charlus (Alain Delon) finds himself similarly attracted to a young man who does not share his desires. Un Amour de Swann was much praised for its production design and the cinematography of frequent Ingmar Bergman collaborator Sven Nykvist, though many felt director Volker Schlondorff failed to capture the narrative depth and complexity of Proust's novel. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Remembrance [6:49]
2. High Society [5:48]
3. The Recital [7:20]
4. Odette [7:19]
5. Boudoir Questions [15:24]
6. The Brothel [3:24]
7. Memories of Zephora [7:21]
8. Searching for Her [4:01]
9. Dinner Party [9:28]
10. Tormented [9:24]
11. Night Visit [15:39]
12. Three Months to Live [11:00]
13. Day's End [8:05]