Crazy People

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Dudley Moore stars as Emory Lesson, an advertising genius whose finds himself committed to an insane asylum in Tony Bill's Crazy People. Emory becomes tired with creating phony ad campaigns and decides to create his own campaigns that tell the brutal truth. Since sex sells, Emory designs an explicit ad campaign consisting of unadorned sexuality. The campaign is so offensive that his colleagues have Emory put in a mental institution. At first Emory resists, but under the tutelage of a concerned psychiatrist, Dr. Liz Baylor (Mercedes Ruehl) and the tender love of Kathy (Daryl Hannah) a beautiful patient, Emory begins to like it in the mental home. Befriending the cute and lovable patients in the mental ward, Emory discovers that the crazy people are natural-born advertising geniuses and Emory utilizes their genius for a new ad campaign. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Lie For a Living [7:16]
2. Level With America [4:56]
3. Little Blue Slippers [9:03]
4. New Friends [6:01]
5. No Nonsense Approach [6:35]
6. Ad Men [6:50]
7. Pitching Insanity [6:57]
8. Stolen Spotlight [7:42]
9. Say Something Honest [3:11]
10. Vanity Plates [7:44]
11. Hope and Doubt [6:49]
12. Lonely Freedom [4:32]
13. Crazy People Stay Here [4:25]
14. Hello, Goodbye [9:08]