Biggles: Adventures in Time

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Based on the characters created by popular fantasy author Capt. W. E. Johns, Biggles: Adventures in Time casts Neil Dickson in the title role. Biggles is a World War I British flying ace with a gift for time travel. Sucked into Biggles' adventures is a 1980s fast-food entrepreneur, played by Alex Hyde-White. Once he's figured out what's what, Hyde-White vows to help Biggles stay alive. Also along for the ride is Hyde-White's girlfriend Fiona Hutchinson. The beauty part of Biggles: Adventures in Time is that the audience is just as disoriented and confused as Hyde-White; as a result, the film never lowers itself to the Pat and Predictable. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Titles [1:40]
2. A Strange Visit [5:40]
3. The Big Day [6:21]
4. Wanna Be a Hero? [8:40]
5. Ferguson's Mission [6:46]
6. Unconventional Convent [10:34]
7. Joining the Trenches [9:25]
8. Sound Weapon [10:57]
9. A Timely Reunion [6:36]
10. Flying Through Time [7:19]
11. Fight Sound With Sound [5:40]
12. A Promise to Keep [6:23]
13. The Adventure Continues [3:53]
14. End Credits [2:37]