Castle Keep [Full Screen]

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This decidedly different war movie follows Maj. Abraham Falconer (Burt Lancaster), a tired, one-eyed Army officer, as he leads eight men into Belgium where they hope to take a much-needed rest at a 10th century castle. The master of the house, Henri Tixier (Jean-Pierre Aumont), welcomes them with a surprising degree of enthusiasm. Tixier is married to his young niece, Therese (Astrid Heeren), and the couple would like to have a child, but since Tixier is impotent, he has been unable to father one. He encourages Falconer to see if he can have better luck with Therese. The men under Falconer's command have more than a few escapades of their own, as Sgt. Rossi (Peter Falk) seduces the wife of a local baker, an art historian among them tries to protect the treasures of the castle, and a car buff becomes fascinated by his first encounter with a Volkswagen. Amidst the surreal fun and games at the castle, the soldiers make the most of their well-deserved vacation until an invasion of German troops puts them back on the firing line. Directed by Sydney Pollack, Castle Keep was based on a novel by William Eastlake. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Start [:15]
2. Reconnaissance [9:42]
3. Young Wild Animals [8:50]
4. Art and History Lessons [10:11]
5. What We do for a Living [11:28]
6. Germans Break Through [8:14]
7. Retreat Through Town [9:27]
8. Red Queen Cocktails [10:55]
9. Tank Trap [9:35]
10. First Wave [6:35]
11. "We're Screwed" [4:46]
12. Last Stand [10:10]