After Hours

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Martin Scorsese's After Hours is a dark, tragi-comic tale of a fish out of water, centering on an uptight, white-bread computer consultant from uptown Manhattan who finds himself in the nightmarish and incomprehensible (to him) world of Soho after dark. The ordeal begins when Paul Hackett (Griffin Dunne) gets lonely and decides to leave the posh East Side and search the Soho streets for some loving from Marcy (Rosanna Arquette), the pretty young woman he met in a downtown cafe. He has her phone number and works up the nerve to call. She wants to see him, and so Paul grabs 20, hails a taxi and sets out. The weirdness begins when he loses his money during the high-speed cab ride. His visit to Marcy's loft, where he meets her crazed artist roommate Kiki (Linda Fiorentino), is a disaster, as is his encounter with the beehive-wearing retro waitress Julie (Teri Garr). ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 -- After Hours
1. Credits [1:10]
2. Marcy and Miller [4:51]
3. Rendezvous Plan [2:38]
4. Out the Window [2:07]
5. Sculpting With Kiki [3:08]
6. Relaxing Massage [3:05]
7. Mercurial Marcy [4:23]
8. True Confessions [4:07]
9. Different Rules Apply [3:34]
10. His Paperweight Need [3:49]
11. Too Much for a Token [1:46]
12. Slow Night at the Terminal Bar [6:07]
13. Burglary Suspects [2:18]
14. The Undisciplined and the Dead [:52]
15. "Like the Monkees?" [4:59]
16. Jittery Julie [2:57]
17. Terminal News [3:20]
18. The Perfect Gift [:44]
19. Stop, Thief [2:24]
20. Mohawk Night [1:01]
21. Gail's Numbing Numbers [1:22]
22. "You're Dead, Pal" [2:57]
23. Recap Rant [3:03]
24. Desperation in the Diner [6:02]
25. Is That All There Is? [2:12]
26. Getting Plastered [4:19]
27. "Art is Forever" [2:45]
28. End Credits [:14]