Graffiti Bridge

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Prince wrote, directed, and stars in this disastrous sequel to Purple Rain that equates differing musical styles with God, angels, faith, and the struggle between the spiritual and the earthy. Once again Prince is The Kid, still working his emotional damnedest to one-up Morris Day and his band, The Time. In this installment, the boys fight over the ownership of a nightclub called Glam Slam. Both are bequeathed half of the club in a will, and Morris and the Kid want to handle each of their halves differently. Morris treats his part of the club as a popular venue, playing music the public wants to hear, and it is a rousing success. The Kid, on the other hand, wants to bring spirituality into funk -- to make his point he even strikes a crucifixion pose. The result is a battle of the bands with The Time and The Kid jamming off of one another, battling for the souls of the two-drink minimum suckers. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Hot Time in Seven Corners. [4:58]
2. New Power Generation. [2:25]
3. Not in Tune. [2:54]
4. Release It. [4:11]
5. Last Nerves. [3:46]
6. We Can Funk. [1:32]
7. Elephants and Flowers. [3:13]
8. Round and Round. [4:55]
9. Posing by the Porsche. [2:02]
10. Blondie. [2:55]
11. Table Manners. [3:14]
12. Love Machine. [2:51]
13. Thieves in the Temple. [5:19]
14. Joy in Repetition. [3:14]
15. Not Mine or Too Close. [2:08]
16. Cash Duel. [2:08]
17. The Question of U. [3:55]
18. The Challenge. [4:41]
19. Shake! [4:08]
20. Tick, Tick, Bang. [4:41]
21. Consolidation. [2:58]
22. Robin's Number 1. [1:14]
23. Melody Cool. [3:43]
24. The Accident. [2:11]
25. Still Would Stand All Time. [6:08]
26. End Credits. [4:41]