United States of Leland

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Produced by Kevin Spacey, The United States of Leland is a psychological drama concerning the aftereffects of a brutal murder. It's also the first big-studio theatrical release for writer/director Matthew Ryan Hoge, whose previous work consists of the independent comedy Self Storage. Ryan Gosling plays Leland, an imprisoned teenager doing time for the stabbing murder of a disabled boy. Prison writing teacher Pearl Madison (Don Cheadle) gets caught up in the story with the intention of making a book out of it, especially when he finds out that Leland's father is the famous novelist Albert Fitzgerald (Spacey). Pearl's investigation uncovers some of the details and effects of the murder for everyone involved, including the victim's parents, Harry (Martin Donovan) and Karen Pollard (Ann Magnuson). Jena Malone plays Becky, the teenage junkie who is both Leland's ex-girlfriend and the victim's sister. The situation also complicates the relationship between Becky's older sister, Jennifer (Michelle Williams), and her sensitive boyfriend, Allen (Chris Klein). The United States of Leland premiered at the ~2003 Sundance Film Festival. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. I Don't Remember [:21]
2. Special Handling [:33]
3. You Can Hear Footsteps [:27]
4. Sometimes I'm Somewhere Else [5:24]
5. Tears [2:07]
6. Tug of War [3:05]
7. You're Only Human [5:44]
8. Fiction or Non? [3:50]
9. Love Is... [2:52]
10. Mostly I Keep it Out [7:54]
11. Mistakes [1:29]
12. One and One Is One [2:23]