Christmas Star

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Christmas Star is a two-hour whimsy assault, originally telecast December 14, 1986 on The Disney Sunday Movie. Ed Asner plays an escaped convict who adopts a stolen Santa Claus suit as a disguise. Several impressionable youngsters, believing Asner to be the genuine Santa, latch onto him. He decides to use these moppets to help him find his ill-gotten loot, which his partner has hidden in department store Christmas decorations. The ending is as misty-eyed as it is predictable. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. The Christmas Story [10:05]
2. Troublemaker [11:58]
3. The Wrong Santa [11:54]
4. Stolen Money [11:27]
5. Hidden Secrets [9:53]
6. Santa's Little Helpers [11:26]
7. Train of Life [10:07]
8. Caught! [6:33]
9. Christmas Magic [8:49]
10. End Credits [1:20]