Monster Hunter

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In this black comedy shot in mock documentary style, Willie Dickenson (Michael Bowen) is a serial killer on the lam in Texas, and a filmmaker heads down to the Lone Star State to find out more about him and his background. However, while the filmmaker tracks down the killer's friends and acquaintances, he finds he isn't the only one interested in Dickenson; Dehoven (David Carradine) is a more than slightly unhinged FBI agent who has become obsessed, and when he turns up dead, a detective is put on the case who has to figure out if this latest murder is the work of Dickenson or a copycat. Natural Selection also stars Heather Kafka, Darren E. Burrows, and Bob Balaban. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Dehoven/Glenn [8:45]
2. Det. Richards & Dehoven [6:41]
3. At the Park [3:31]
4. Willie Comes Home [4:16]
5. Dehoven's Ritual [6:28]
6. Plans for the Baby [4:26]
7. The Morgue [3:59]
8. Tormented [6:38]
9. Getting Dressed [5:04]
10. Glenn & Sally [5:50]
11. Being Followed [3:47]
12. Interrogation [8:07]
13. Glenn's Message [2:21]
14. Eddie [4:26]
15. San Jose Motel [3:25]
16. Willie Makes a Call [4:44]
17. Glenn "Meets" Willie [3:46]
18. Country Boy Willie [4:39]