Scarlet Sails

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This "prince charming" tale is adapted from a novel by Alexander Grin about a little girl named Assol, who meets a wizard one day. He tells her that a ship with red sails will arrive -- sometime in the future -- to take her away to a new, happy life with a dashing young prince. She holds onto this prediction in spite of taunts and the ridicule of her neighbors. Meanwhile, the son of a local nobleman grows up to become a sea captain and falls in love with Assol. Sure enough, he decides the only way to win her heart is to unfurl red sails and head into port. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Longren [5:25]
2. Mary [4:15]
3. Manners [6:22]
4. Little Arthur [6:04]
5. Betsy's Dowry [4:16]
6. A Dream Is Born [9:48]
7. Quarrel in the Castle [4:56]
8. Captain Grey [2:55]
9. Zourbagan [4:29]
10. Fishing [11:42]
11. Sleeping Assol [7:13]
12. New Sails [4:30]
13. Waiting for a Miracle [5:32]
14. Commotion in Kaperne [5:35]