Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

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This sequel to 2001's well-received N64 RPG has players resuming the role of a two-dimensional Mario in a three-dimensional game world. As in the original Paper Mario, many of the jumping plumber's most familiar moves are adapted for play in this unusual world. The 2D hero can still bust bricks, collect coins, and he can gain new information from conversations with NPCs he meets. New in this sequel are a number of suitably paper-like special moves, such as Mario's ability to roll up into a tube to bounce away to safety, turn sideways to slip through thin cracks, and even fold himself into a paper airplane and launch himself through the air. Combat remains basically turn-based, but by correctly executing certain "Timing Action Commands," the heroic plumber can dodge attacks, inflict more damage, or win over the crowd for special power-up rewards.

Game Controls

Control Stick = walk, run, move cursor
C Stick = read continuing message
D-Pad Up = gear
D-Pad Down = journal
D-Pad Left = party
D-Pad Right = badges
A Button = jump, talk, investigate, read next message, confirm an action
B Button = hammer, cancel action, return to previous
X Button = use partners' abilities, attack
Y Button = plane mode, let partner attack first
R Button = paper mode
R Button + Control Stick = tube mode
Z Button = display stats
Start/Pause Button = menu screen ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide