New York, New York [Special Edition]

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Martin Scorsese combined the splashy atmosphere of the old studio musical with an unromanticized marriage story in his valentine to Hollywood and the Big Band era. On V-J Day 1945, newly minted civilian saxophonist Jimmy Doyle (Robert De Niro) meets USO singer Francine Evans (Liza Minnelli) at a dance, but she rebuffs every advance that he makes. A day and a hotel lobby meeting later, Jimmy finally wins Francine over after she uses her pop instincts to save his too-jazzy audition at a nightclub. When she goes on tour with Frankie Harte (Georgie Auld) and his Orchestra, Jimmy tracks her down, taking a job with the orchestra to be with her. Together on stage, they make beautiful music; off stage they marry, but the struggle between two artists begins to take its toll. Unable to understand that Francine's needs and talents are just as important as his, and unwilling to compromise his music for security, Jimmy abandons Francine after their baby is born. Separately, the two succeed even more, as Francine becomes a music and movie star, while Jimmy has a top hit and opens a jazz club. When they are reunited several years later, the pair must decide if their relationship is worth another try. ~ Lucia Bozzola, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/V-J Day Hustle
2. The Smallest Small Talk
3. Powell-Doyle-Powell
4. Taxi to Brooklyn
5. Boy-Girl Act/New Kind of Love
6. "It's a Lot Easier"
7. The Agent's Love Letter
8. Where's Francine?/Lucky Star
9. The Road Between Dates
10. "They're Not Sure"
11. The Best Frontman
12. The Man I Love
13. The Leader and His Wife
14. Just You, Just Me
15. Baby Pains
16. Road to Nowhere
17. Feelings & Understanding
18. With the Cool Cats
19. Screaming in Cars
20. Top of the What?
21. The Drink Order
22. "Even Your Wife"
23. A Record Contract
24. Honeysuckle Rose
25. Scared, Angry & Jealous
26. It's a Jimmy
27. But the World Goes 'Round
28. Happy Endings
29. Success for Jimmy
30. New York, New York
31. Awkward Reunion
32. End Credits