Shining Through

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Kewpie-doll voiced Melanie Griffith does a sexed-up Nancy Drew turn in David Seltzer's adaptation of Susan Issacs' novel ~Shining Through. Set during World war II, Griffith plays Linda Voss, a spunky New York girl who applies for a job with international lawyer Ed Leland (Michael Douglas). Ed hires her immediately when he finds out that she speaks German fluently. The reason Ed is so interested in Linda's language skills is because Ed is an undercover OSS officer who needs a German translator. Their business relationship translates into love, but when America enters the war, Ed abandons his law practice to become a full-time spy. Utilizing Linda's charms, she travels to Berlin and infiltrates the Nazis as a domestic to try to discover information about "a bomb that can fly by itself." But Linda has personal as well as patriotic motives for agreeing to go undercover, since she has Jewish relatives in Berlin and wants to find out their whereabouts. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles/Dreams of Rescue [6:51]
2. A Fateful Meeting [7:09]
3. Curious Behavior [10:43]
4. War Begins [1:39]
5. The USO [2:44]
6. Becoming a Spy [7:39]
7. Entry Into Germany [1:02]
8. Preparations [3:48]
9. Making a New Contact [4:15]
10. Increasing Danger [5:42]
11. Secret Rooms [3:02]
12. Late Nights [4:31]
13. Betrayals [8:43]
14. Deadly Struggle [2:59]
15. Safe at Home [10:18]
16. End Credits [1:27]