Bustin' Loose [Widescreen]

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It's The African Queen meets Richard Pryor in this schmaltzy and salty attempt by Pryor to appeal to the family crowd. Pryor plays Joe Braxton, an inept burglar whose parole officer Donald (Robert Christian) wants to help out. Knowing that Joe is an excellent mechanic, he refers him to Vivian Perry (Cicely Tyson), the director of a school for emotionally disturbed children. The school is about to close for lack of funds, and Vivian wants to flee Philadelphia with eight of her charges and get to a farm in Washington State where the children can grow up in the fresh air and away from the urban environment. Joe is enlisted to drive the bus, which continually breaks down en route, permitting Joe plenty of time to interact with the kids -- taking them fishing, teaching them strip poker, and convincing a Vietnamese girl not to sell her body. The prim and proper Vivian holds up her nose at the vulgar and sloppy Joe, so it is inevitable that at journey's end the two will find true romance. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. On the Prowl (Main Titles) [3:38]
2. Audio/Video Specialists [5:34]
3. Self-Defense [4:08]
4. The Expert [4:07]
5. Field Trip [7:47]
6. Deviant Behavior [4:22]
7. Fire Starter [3:54]
8. Rest Area [2:12]
9. Stuck in a Rut [6:36]
10. A Good Catch [4:39]
11. Social Worker [6:06]
12. Running Away [5:50]
13. Putting Out the Fire [6:24]
14. Being Somebody [5:24]
15. The Cash Trapezoid [4:22]
16. Vanishing Act [5:52]
17. Lending a Hand [7:13]
18. Going Home (End Titles) [4:39]