Dead Ends & Girlfriends

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Jimmy's Dreamgirl 1:24
  2. Residential Burglary 1:37
  3. Moper 2:19
  4. Jacob Thinks I'm Gay 2:28
  5. It's Just Me 2:28
  6. Miz 1:50
  7. Moon Lake Village 1:43
  8. I Told You So 1:55
  9. Timing 3:18
  10. Friday Night 2:27
  11. Chasing Amy 2:04
  12. Boysenberry 1:58
  13. Fraggle Rawk 1:19
  14. Pictures 2:21
  15. Love Song :18
  16. I Want It That Way 2:22


No one can accuse Allister of lacking energy or hooks, as their debut album Dead Ends and Girlfriends proves. Sure, it isn't musically revolutionary -- it's the sort of catchy punk-pop that's been more or less in vogue throughout the mid- to late-'90s -- but it does deliver a tuneful rush of adrenaline for fans of the style. The only issue is whether you'll tune in to the band's sense of humor or not -- some might find it a little juvenile and obvious (although others will enjoy the mocking Backstreet Boys cover regardless). ~ Steve Huey, Rovi