Plague Dogs

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Like Watership Down, Plague Dogs is an animated cartoon feature based on a novel by Richard Adams and produced by Martin Rosen. And also like Watership Down, it is more appropriate for an older audience. Two dogs escape from a British government research lab. As the authorities hunt down the canine fugitives, the two dogs search for their original master and for a place where they'll be free from the iniquities and cruelties of Mankind. Plague Dogs was completed in 1982, but was not released in the US until two years later. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles/ Animal Testing [5:03]
2. Breaking Out [4:12]
3. The Incinerator [4:03]
4. Tasting Freedom [3:43]
5. Counting Sheep [6:13]
6. Live By Our Teeth [4:22]
7. The Fox And The Hounds [5:17]
8. It's All Around Us [4:31]
9. Crazy Like A Fox [4:50]
10. Fight To The Death [4:54]
11. Sheep Killing About [4:04]
12. True Stories [3:47]
13. Looking For Food [4:23]
14. Too Cold To Live [5:13]
15. Apology Accepted [4:11]
16. Infection Lies [4:44]
17. The Whitecoats Are Coming [3:09]
18. Reaching The Beach [3:04]
19. Head Above Water [2:02]
20. End Credits [3:08]