MVP Baseball 2005

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The "2005" edition of EA Sports annual pro baseball offering takes to the field with a few minor changes designed to enhance gameplay in a major-league way. The MVP Baseball 2005 pitching meter may be a bit more forgiving than the previous year's version, but its smaller green zone makes it more challenging to throw a spot-on "perfect pitch." At the plate, batters can now move around in the box, and the new "Hitter's Eye" option is designed to mimic an experienced sluggers' split-second intuitions by causing a pitched ball to briefly flash with a color that hints at its spin and trajectory -- white for a fastball, red for a curve, and so on. Not all changes aid the offense, however, as adjustments have also been made to the speed and artificial intelligence of fielders, allowing them to react more quickly and perform more accurately as a team. For gamers who like to run their clubs from the front office, the game's new Ownership Mode is intended to let players truly take charge of their MLB organizations, adding business-sim aspects to the game that call on virtual team owners to design, develop, and manage their own ballparks.

Game Controls


Control Pad or Control Stick Up or Down = highlight menu items
Control Pad or Control Stick Left or Right = change highlighted item
A Button = select, go to next screen
B Button = cancel, return to previous screen



A Button = swing
A Button (press and release quickly) = check swing
Z + A Button = bunt
Z Button + Control Stick Left or Right = move in the batter's box
B Button = charge mound
Start/Pause Button = pause menu
Z + X Button = pitch, swing analysis replay


X, Y or B Button = control runner at 1st, 2nd or 3rd
C Stick = adjust leadoff
Control Pad (toward base you are trying to steal) = steal, choose base direction
R Button = quickly return to a base
L or R Button = advance or retreat all runners
C Stick up = head-first slide, railroad the catcher at home
C Stick Up Left or Up Right = head-first slide to the left or right side of the bag
C Stick Down = pop-up slide
C Stick Down Left or Down Right = hook slide to the left or right side of the bag



Control Stick = choose pitch location
A, X, B, Y or R Button = throw a pitch
L Button + X, B or Y Button = normal pickoff attempt
L + A Button = pitchout
L Button + Control Pad Up = intentional walk
L Button + Control Pad Down = intentionally hit a batter
Z Button + Control Pad Up or Down = choose infield or outfield alignment
Z Button + C Stick Left or right = view pitch history
Z Button + Control Pad Up or Down = view bullpen or dugout menu
Start/Pause Button = pause menu


Control Stick = move fielder
L Button = change fielders
C Stick Left or Right (toward the ball) = dive or stretch for the ball
C Stick Up = climb wall, jump for a ball over your head
C Stick Down = make a sliding catch
A, X, Y or B Button = throw to home, 1st, 2nd or 3rd base
R Button = throw to the cut-off man, relay throw
A, X, B or Y Button + Z Button = fake throw ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide