Pirate Movie

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An introverted girl who yearns for popularity (Kristy McNichol) attends a pirate festival in her seaside community, featuring a swordplay demo led by a curly haired hunk (Christopher Atkins). After selecting Mabel (McNichol) to participate in the act, the instructor invites her aboard his boat for a real ride on the high seas -- at which point a gaggle of her catty acquaintances latches on for the trip. Sent to get hamburgers for the outing, Mabel is "accidentally" left behind when one of her "friends" pulls the anchor prematurely. Determined not only to fit in, but to track down her dream guy, Mabel steers a tiny sailboat into stormy waters in pursuit, and gets shipwrecked. Thus begins a fantasy in which the unconscious Mabel imagines herself in a real pirate adventure, complete with her dashing pirate hero, a legion of his crusty shipmates, and dozens of unwed sisters who must rise to the altar before she can. The fantasy mixes film parodies, love songs, animation, and the score of Gilbert & Sullivan's +The Pirates of Penzance. The story also loosely follows the structure of said operetta. ~ Derek Armstrong, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. From the Classics (Main Titles) [3:19]
2. Swordplay [2:55]
3. Girl Overboard [4:24]
4. The Pirate King [6:33]
5. First Love [9:51]
6. The Major-General [9:22]
7. Map to Davy Jones' Locker [7:15]
8. Eureka! [3:57]
9. Leap Year Clause [9:44]
10. Honor Before Love [9:32]
11. The Sergeant [9:06]
12. Loving the Enemy [4:29]
13. The Ladies Are Waiting [9:46]
14. Dream Ending [3:30]
15. Wishes Do Come True [2:07]
16. End Credits [2:39]

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