Christmas With the Kranks

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Based on John Grisham's novel -Skipping Christmas, Christmas With the Kranks revolves around Nora (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Luther Krank's (Tim Allen) decision to put their normally fanatical enthusiasm for the holidays aside for a tropical cruise. With their daughter in Peru with the Peace Corps, the Kranks believe it just isn't worth it; thus, no presents, Christmas trees, or decorations of any kind will adorn their house to the great consternation of their neighbor Vic (Dan Aykroyd). Just as it looks like Christmas will be successfully skipped, Blair (Julie Gonzalo) throws a major kink into her plans when she suddenly has a change of heart and announces she'll be coming home for Christmas after all. The film ran into troubles early on in production when Ben Affleck's similar sounding bomb Surviving Christmas won the race to the theaters, forcing the filmmakers to depart from the book title in favor of the catchy Kranks one. ~ Tracie Cooper, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Christmas With the Kranks
1. Start [:25]
2. Couldn't Get Any Wetter [2:48]
3. Luther's Big Idea [3:30]
4. "When Do We Leave?" [4:45]
5. Skipping Christmas [1:29]
6. Mr. Frohmeyer [3:20]
7. Neighbor Problems [3:46]
8. "Give Us Frosty!" [2:39]
9. Tans Forever [3:53]
10. Mystery Photographer [2:43]
11. Some Christmas Cheer [3:07]
12. Botox [4:33]
13. More Holiday Shocks [4:28]
14. Christmas Tree [4:21]
15. Lost His Mind [3:02]
16. Ham [2:02]
17. Spike's Rescue [3:30]
18. The End of Frosty [2:30]
19. Party at the Krank's [4:53]
20. Another Change of Plans [2:39]
21. Stalling [1:55]
22. Break-In [4:20]
23. "They're Here!" [3:25]
24. Family & Friends [2:45]
25. Holiday Guilt and Shame [2:53]
26. Walt & Bev [2:27]
27. Christmas Offering [2:09]
28. Marty's Secret [4:33]