Please Don't Eat the Daisies

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In this entertaining comedy by Charles Walters, everyone seems to get in on the act, even the dog and especially the four overactive kids in a wildly challenging family. David Niven co-stars with Doris Day as Lawrence and Kate Mackay, distinctive parents struggling with home, life, and family. Lawrence opts for leaving his job teaching at Columbia University in New York for a post as a drama critic for a Gotham newspaper, bringing new problems to the pile the family already owns. First, they are forced to move out -- far out -- to the countryside with their brood and canine. And next, while Kate handles home, hearth, and hellions, Lawrence proceeds to alienate one of his best friends with a shattering review. That unhappy beginning to his new career also brings in one of the actresses damaged by his cutting remarks (Janis Paige), who wreaks her own form of havoc on poor Lawrence. In the meantime, Day gets to sing some songs which add to the light-hearted attitude of it all. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Credits [1:40]
2. Water Bombs Away [1:54]
3. Helping Mom Dress [3:45]
4. From Playwright to Baby Sitter [4:26]
5. Salmon on a Hook [3:30]
6. First-Time Critiques [3:37]
7. Calm for Breakfast [5:25]
8. Last Slap vs. Laugh [3:06]
9. He Who Got Slapped [3:08]
10. Grandma's Menagerie [2:39]
11. Party Pooping [2:59]
12. The Joke Wins [3:28]
13. Wifely Worry [3:15]
14. Another Fellow [2:46]
15. The Spot He's In [3:42]
16. What's in a Name? [4:55]
17. Their Humble Home [3:36]
18. Eating Daisies [4:19]
19. On the Make [3:43]
20. Fine First Impression [4:38]
21. Surprise Play [5:22]
22. Rich Full Life [3:46]
23. Nobody Home [1:18]
24. Please Don't Eat the Daisies [4:36]
25. Time for Tricks [1:58]
26. The Sheep Runs Home [4:17]
27. Anyway the Wind Blows [2:48]
28. The Writer Objects [2:13]
29. Lonesome Being Right [4:34]
30. Scary Larry [3:11]
31. Beg Your Pardon [4:11]