Razor's Edge

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After several years' service with the Marines in World War II, Tyrone Power made his much anticipated return to the screen in The Razor's Edge. Power is appropriately cast as disillusioned World War I vet Larry Darrell, who returns from hostilities questioning his old values. To find himself, Larry joins several other members of the Lost Generation in Paris. He is disillusioned once more when the society deb whom he loves, Isabel Bradley (Gene Tierney), marries another for wealth and position. She returns to Larry's life to break up his romance with unstable, alcoholic Sophie MacDonald (Anne Baxter in a powerhouse Oscar-winning performance). After Sophie's death, Larry determines that the life offered him by Isabel is not to his liking, and continues seeking his true place in the scheme of things. Acting as a respite between the plot's various intrigues is Clifton Webb as a waspish social arbiter, who ends up a lonely, dying man, imperiously dictating arrangements for his own funeral. The Razor's Edge was based on the novel by W. Somerset Maugham, who appears onscreen in the form of Herbert Marshall. The film would be remade in 1984, with Bill Murray in the Tyrone Power role. This film re-teamed Tierney and Webb two years after their appearance together in Laura. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles [1:34]
2. Dinner Party [6:31]
3. Ripples [3:17]
4. Survivor Guilt [4:55]
5. Checklist [2:02]
6. A Visit to Paris [3:44]
7. Asking Too Much [4:30]
8. Last Fling [4:59]
9. The Inevitable [:13]
10. Running From God [8:42]
11. Razor's Edge [:34]
12. Tragic Accident [4:49]
13. Infinite Beauty [5:11]
14. Catching Up [:47]
15. Healing Powers [5:12]
16. Slumming [3:23]
17. Lapsed Purity [5:00]
18. Phone Call [1:37]
19. Noble Sacrifice [5:47]
20. At the Ritz [6:07]
21. Temptation [:11]
22. The Search [1:43]
23. Sophie's Death [8:46]
24. Slighted [2:38]
25. RSVP Regrets [2:09]
26. Second Chances [5:21]
27. Awful Truth [2:13]
28. Goodness/End Titles [2:15]