Aretha Franklin

Jazz Moods: 'Round Midnight

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With a stellar career that spans several decades, genres and hits, it's easy to forget that Aretha Franklin had her moment in the sun as an outstanding vocalist in the jazz arena. This edition in Sony's Jazz Moods series seeks to bring that avenue of her career back into the spotlight, as it has been largely overshadowed by her soul and gospel works. Culled from various sessions between 1962 and 1969, the queen of soul covers such standards as "What a Difference a Day Makes," "God Bless the Child" and "Misty" as if they were tailor-made for her instantly identifiable voice. At 14 songs with very few of them considered anthems, it is not an overview of Franklin's brilliant career, but it is an excellent survey of an era sorely overlooked. ~ Rob Theakston, Rovi

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