Gun Fury

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Originally shot in 3-D, Gun Fury opens with wealthy rancher Ben Warren (Rock Hudson) and his fiancée Jennifer Ballard (Donna Reed) aboard a stagecoach bound for California. Having recently fought in the Civil War, Ben is looking forward to returning to a peaceful life with his soon-to-be wife. Unfortunately, the coach is set upon by embittered ex-Confederate soldier Frank Slayton Philip Carey) and his gang. In the ensuing conflict, Ben is shot and left for dead, while Jennifer is kidnapped by Slayton, who claims her for his own interests. Ben recovers from his wounds and sets off to find Jennifer, trying to enlist the aid of others in his fight against Slayton. Most are unwilling to help, a fact which impresses upon Ben the responsibility every man must have in protecting society from people like Slayton. Eventually he succeeds in putting together a team of his own -- including a former member of Slayton's gang and a Native American with a grudge against the crooks -- and sets off for the border to bring about justice. ~ Craig Butler, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Start [:11]
2. Surprise Visitor [5:55]
3. "Get That Strongbox." [6:46]
4. Gentleman Jess [6:20]
5. Looking for Help [8:17]
6. Tracking the Slayton Gang [8:47]
7. Curly's Courage [5:45]
8. Stella [7:11]
9. The Way to Mexico [10:46]
10. Slayton's Proposal [7:21]
11. The Exchange [5:12]
12. Warren vs. Slayton [2:55]