Fantastic 4

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Based on the Tim Story-directed 2005 film, this interactive edition of Fantastic 4 has players taking the control of each cosmic-ray enhanced member of the superhero team: Mr. Fantastic, who can stretch and reshape his body; The Invisible Woman, who can vanish at will and create powerful force fields; The Human Torch, who can fly through the air and control fire; and The Thing, a hulking humanoid with superhuman strength and thick, protective skin. Game characters are designed after their cinematic counterparts, and the plot is based on the story of the film. Missions are designed to test the limits of the heroes' powers, encouraging players to use the four together, as a team. The adventure leads to an ultimate showdown with Marvel uber-villain, Doctor Doom.

Game Controls

Left Thumbstick = move
D-Pad Up = switch to reed
D-Pad Down = switch to ben
D-Pad Left = switch to sue
D-Pad Right = switch to johnny
Right Thumbstick = camera
Right Thumbstick Button = center camera
Start Button = pause
A Button = light attack
B Button = grab, use, action on 4-icon
X Button = heavy attack
Y Button = jump
Right Trigger + X, A or B Button = cosmic power attack
Right Trigger + D-Pad = buddy buff
Right Trigger + Y Button = super mode
Left Trigger (hold) = target, lock on
Left Trigger (hold) + Right Thumbstick = switch targets
Left Trigger (hold) + Y Button = dodge ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide