Garbage Pail Kids Movie

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Sometimes kids like to do things to gross out or shock their parents. This is only natural, but many companies exploit this tendency by creating toys to appeal to that childish joy in the disgusting. In the late '80s, a new kind of bubblegum card, the Garbage Pail kids, featuring caricature paintings, of ugly, unclean moppets with yukky names such as Greaser Greg and Valerie Vomit, Windy Winston, and Foul Phil, each with an offensive habit, found popularity. This hastily-assembled live-action film-- billing itself as a children's comedy-- was hastily assembled to capitalize on that popularity. Featuring midgets dressed up as the bubblegum card characters, it is the story of an antique collector and his assistant who find a mysterious garbage can from outer-space. The assistant ignores his boss's stern orders not to open the can and frees the Garbage Pail Kids. Now the two must somehow get the raunchy rugrats back into the can before they gross-out the world. Appalled parents found the film, even the very idea of it, so offensive that they launched a nation-wide protest that resulted in its withdrawal from circulation. You've been warned. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Title/Keep a Lid On [5:00]
2. Dodger & the Captain [5:41]
3. Teenage Crush [5:27]
4. "Say Hello to Trouble" [4:56]
5. No Accounting for Taste [2:26]
6. "Hot Threads, Man!" [11:18]
7. "We Can Do Anything" [5:34]
8. A Night With the Stooges [9:05]
9. Ali Gator Breaks an Oath [2:39]
10. The Ugly Patrol [3:19]
11. Tangerine's Fashion Flash [8:20]
12. Locked Out [5:46]
13. The Kids Are Captured [6:12]
14. Rescued at Last! [9:30]
15. A Real Show-Stopper [5:13]
16. Un-Canned/End Credits [5:56]