Good Father

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Anthony Hopkins stars in The Good Father as a publishing executive whose wife Julie Walters has left him, taking their son with her. Walking around like a zombie after this blow, Hopkins is brought back to life by involving himself in the profound problems of his friend Jim Broadbent. Feeling that his misguided pro-feminist stance has caused him all his trouble, Hopkins encourages Broadbent, whose own wife is leaving him with their son in tow, to fight for custody of the child in court. Hopkins even agrees to finance Broadbent's legal fees. As Broadbent's custody battle intensifies into a bitter, all-out war, Hopkins becomes more relaxed concerning his own domestic difficulties. Allowing Broadbent to be his emotional surrogate, a becalmed Hopkins feels secure enough to try to reconcile with his ex-wife Walters. But she is aware, even if he isn't, that his problems stem not from his relationship with women, but from his resentment of his son, whose birth was the beginning of the end of his marriage. Contrary to the title and his own self-deceptions, Hopkins is not "the good father." The film was scripted by Christopher Hampton from a novel by Peter Prince. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits [3:56]
2. Separated [6:00]
3. A Lot in Common [7:47]
4. Paternal Alliance [5:55]
5. Merry Christmas [4:46]
6. Jerking Her Lead [5:30]
7. Fighting Back [5:36]
8. Ex Parte Application [6:32]
9. Rational Arrangement [4:05]
10. Mary Hall [4:37]
11. Trial [8:57]
12. A Good Father [6:19]
13. Nothing Left to Give [5:03]
14. Damage [7:18]
15. Beating the System [5:38]
16. End Credits [2:03]