Guess Who [Widescreen]

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A man gets a very big surprise when he meets his prospective son-in-law in this comedy. Percy Jones (Bernie Mac) is the understandably proud father of Theresa (Zoe Saldana), a beautiful and intelligent young woman living in New York City. When Percy learns that his daughter is dating someone and things are getting serious, he decides to do some research, and learns that her beau is a solid businessman. Percy arranges to meet the young man, but is a bit taken aback when he comes face to face with Simon Green (Ashton Kutcher) -- Percy and his wife are African-American, and Simon is very, but very Caucasian. When it becomes clear that Simon and Theresa's relationship is likely altar-bound, Percy finds himself suddenly full of misgivings about the young man, especially since Simon tends to get rather clumsy when he's nervous. Guess Who was loosely adapted from the 1967 hit Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, though the race of the prospective father and son have been swapped, and the original film's comic undercurrent has been pushed to the forefront. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Start [:22]
2. Simon & Theresa [5:35]
3. Percy Jones [1:59]
4. Guess Who [2:57]
5. "Do You Like Sports?" [4:25]
6. Not a Crossdressor [3:30]
7. No Rooms [4:26]
8. Blackballed [6:27]
9. The Basement [2:57]
10. Good Morning [3:22]
11. 50,000 Dollars [4:38]
12. Go-Karting [3:20]
13. Dangerous Jokes [3:03]
14. Fallout [6:37]
15. Sneaking Out [3:24]
16. A Good Place to Raise Kids [2:49]
17. Jamal [4:42]
18. Liars [2:22]
19. Garden Party [3:57]
20. Bonding Over Booze [4:28]
21. The Morning After [3:53]
22. Apology [2:07]
23. "The Engagement Is Off." [2:30]
24. 33 Missed Calls [3:43]
25. Rescue Mission [3:40]
26. Vows [4:22]
27. "Welcome to the Family." [2:18]
28. 25th Anniversary DVD [2:17]