Wedding Date [Widescreen]

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A gal who needs a date for a family function gets the best man money can buy in this romantic comedy. Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) is a woman in her mid-thirties living in New York City and has had more than her share of romantic problems -- enough so that she's gotten word that her younger half-sister Amy (Amy Adams) is getting married, and that her mother Bunny (Holland Taylor) and father Victor (Peter Egan) want to fix her up with someone so she won't look alone and miserable for the big day. Adding insult to injury, Kat learns that the best man at the ceremony will be Jeffrey (Jeremy Sheffield), a former boyfriend who cruelly dumped her without warning two years before. Determined not to show up alone, Kat swallows her pride and hires Nick Mercer (Dermot Mulroney), a professional escort, who will pose as her boyfriend for a 6,000 fee. Kat and Nick fly to England for the wedding, and her family and friends are all struck by how charming, handsome, and personable Nick is -- and Kat begins wondering if their relationship has to be all business; however, as it turns out, Nick understands Kat far better than she expects. The Wedding Date was based on the novel -Asking for Trouble by British author Elizabeth Young. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Hiring An Escort (Main Titles) [5:31]
2. First Meeting [3:26]
3. Trying Too Hard [2:34]
4. A Simple Business Transaction [4:47]
5. The Best Man [4:56]
6. Sleeping Arrangements [6:38]
7. Worth Every Penny [5:35]
8. Bachelors & Bachelorettes [3:18]
9. Doing the Right Thing [3:11]
10. Top Night [4:33]
11. Nothing Happened [:00]
12. The Wedding Dance [3:54]
13. Getting to Know You [2:34]
14. Asking Permission [5:00]
15. Truth Be Told [2:54]
16. Timing Is Everything [3:33]
17. Go and Get Him [4:39]
18. Forgive and Forget [3:42]
19. Making Up [3:49]
20. End Titles [4:08]