Cause For Alarm!

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While a man recuperates from a heart-attack, he obsesses with the thought that his wife and his doctor are having an affair, so decides to write a letter to the D.A. accusing the two of trying to kill him. After his wife mails the letter for him, he tells her of its contents which provokes his anger and he attacks her, dying on the spot from another heart attack. Though innocent, she is nevertheless desperate to somehow get the letter back. ~ Kristie Hassen, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Cause For Alarm!
2. Chapter 1 [12:39]
3. Chapter 2 [10:50]
4. Chapter 3 [13:11]
5. Chapter 4 [12:43]
6. Chapter 5 [10:28]
7. Chapter 6 [12:44]