Thousand Foot Krutch

Art of Breaking

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The surprisingly lucrative Christian pop music industry has continuously and surprisingly mirrored the secular shifts of mainstream music. One of the more interesting (sometimes wince-worthy) outcrops of Christian music has been the spate of pious rap-rockers who came in the wake of unconsecrated successes such as Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. But hold off on the scorn and cynicism, because Toronto natives Thousand Foot Krutch actually ply their trade pretty darn well without coming off like über-holy caricatures of their secular counterparts. The group even manages to intersperse the coarse bravado of its chosen genre with enough melodic light to succeed where a lot the more lumpen mainstream rap-rock hybrids fail. On the Art of Breaking, the group also steers clear of the sappy platitudes that are often indigenous to Christian pop; instead, they adopt the voice of righteous warriors, heartily chanting "we want the truth, give us the absolute" over metal power chords in the pleasingly anthemic "Absolute" or resolutely intoning "I'll build your trust, I won't let you down" on the nimbly sung/rapped title track. Thousand Foot Krutch skirts direct scripture and heavenly addresses for a fierce, testosterone-fueled brand of universal positive-mindedness. And the tunes themselves are well crafted enough to uphold the motivational tendencies of the lyrics. In fact, this is a highly likable and strong enough album to suit secular and non-secular rap-rock fans alike. ~ Erik Hage, Rovi

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