Three Men and a Cradle

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A trio of inept bachelors receives an unexpected lesson in the challenges of fatherhood when a young infant turns up on their doorstep in this popular, appealing French comedy. The child was unknowingly fathered by one of the roommates, but the mother, who had relationships with each man, leaves no hint as to which one is the father. Even worse, she's flown off to America, meaning the clueless Pierre, Jacques, and Michel must work together to take care of the adorable infant. As one might expect, most of the film's comedy concerns the men's reluctant adaptation to fatherhood, as they become increasingly attached to the child and compete to become the best father. The film's good-natured if familiar humor was welcomed with strong box office, numerous award nominations, and an American remake, Three Men and a Baby. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits [:53]
2. Evening Soirée [4:28]
3. A Little Package [4:25]
4. Diapers & Formula [8:35]
5. Tonight or Never [5:31]
6. Package Deal [7:44]
7. Diaper Stash [5:30]
8. Ransacked! [5:39]
9. Drug Deal in the Park [4:47]
10. Daddy Returns [5:53]
11. Like Mother Like Son [3:40]
12. Nanny Agency [1:54]
13. Grounded [5:51]
14. Au Clair De La Lune [3:47]
15. Dinner Party [:25]
16. Mommy Returns [3:18]
17. Single and Free [6:49]
18. Babysitter [4:28]
19. All Together Now [10:52]
20. End Credits [4:35]