Hummer: Badlands

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Irritated by road hogging Hummers? Get some video game revenge in Hummer: Badlands from Global Star. Choose one of 19 Hummers from the company line including the H1, H2, H3, and H3T concept. Customize your SUV by changing the wheels, paint, roof lights, and brush guards, and then head to the track. Race through five different modes of play on pavement or dirt to unlock goodies including the H1 Patriot, complete with an American flag and bald eagle, and the H2 Bling that sports shiny rims and flame decals. "Extreme Off-Road" mode includes ten challenges, and displays the Hummer's love for tearing up the quiet countryside, driving across streams, over fallen trees, and up steep inclines. "Time Trial," "Beat the Clock," and "Quick Race" are good options for a short game, while "Championship" mode requires a little more time. "Championship" mode features five tracks such as California, Arizona, and Peru, and each route has five variations for a total of 25 different courses. The player with the most points at the end wins. A multiplayer option is available for split-screen action in the form of head-to-head racing, "Tug of War," and pursuit racing.

Game Controls


Start Button = pause
Triangle Button = camera view
Circle Button = handbrake
X Button = accelerate
Square Button = brake, reverse
L1 Button = look back
L2 Button = gear down
R2 Button = gear up
D-Pad or Left Analog Stick = steer
Right Analog Stick = accelerate, brake, reverse
R3 Button = headlamps


Start Button = pause
Select Button = camera view
R2 Button = handbrake
X Button or Left Pedal = accelerate
Square or L2 Button = reverse
L1 Button = look back
Circle Button = gear down
Triangle Button = gear up
Wheel = steer
R1 Button = headlamps ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide