Madden NFL 06

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Although thousands of them already line up each August to catch the latest edition of gaming's most recognized annual title, it's safe to say that football fans and sports gamers will have an even harder time passing on the "06" version of Madden NFL. This edition of the long-running series introduces a few changes and additions, designed to make the challenges of executing on offense feel more realistic than ever before. The most obvious changes to this year's edition come in the passing game, which introduces gameplay features based on quarterback-specific attributes. Most notable is the new "Vision Cone," which simulates the QB's field of view with a highlighted cone that fans out in the direction of the current intended receiver. The feature is designed to force the player on offense to commit earlier in the play, and to telegraph his passes much more realistically than in earlier versions of Madden, making those improbably easy "no-look" completions a thing of the past. The range of the vision cone is based on multiple factors, including the quarterback's "talent" attribute rating and the difficulty settings at which the game is being played. Madden NFL 06 also brings a new "Precision Passing" system to the series, which allows quarterbacks some direct control over the accuracy of their passes. By bumping the left analog stick or D-pad in the desired direction as the ball is passed, QBs can aim high, low, in front, or behind their receivers, allowing them to lead the catcher away from coverage or make use of height advantages. Other features, more familiar to gaming's most popular sports series, are also present in Madden 06, along with new replay camera angles, animations, and other presentational upgrades. There's also an offensive answer to last year's defensive "hit stick" mechanic, which allows ball carriers to try to plow through oncoming hits and blocks with a flick of commitment on the analog stick. As usual, this edition of Madden is designed to offer a highly customizable game of football, and players who prefer the more forgiving play design of earlier editions can simply turn off the Vision Cone -- or nearly any other element that conflicts with their personal style of play. The game also includes all the teams, stadiums, and players of the real-life NFL (thanks to an exclusive license that takes effect for the first time this year).

Game Controls


Left Thumbstick = move your player
X + Black Button = flip play at the line
Right Trigger = play art
Left Trigger = coach's cam
X + X, A or B Button or Left or Right Trigger = call an audible before the snap
Y Button = cancel the audible before selecting a play
X + White Button = reset original play after calling an audible
Back Button = call timeout



A Button = snap ball
Right Thumbstick Left or Right = switch direction of a running play
Right Thumbstick = change primary receiver's route on a passing play
Y Button + D-Pad Up = hot route a fly pattern
Y Button + D-Pad Down = hot route a curl patter
Y Button + D-Pad Left or Right = hot route an in/out pattern
Y Button + Right Thumbstick Down = hot route a smart route
Y Button + Left or Right Trigger = hot route a left or right slant pattern
Left Thumbstick Up or Down + Left Thumbstick Right or Left = highlight eligible player then send that player in motion
White Button + D-Pad Up = slide offensive line production to spread the offensive line
White Button + D-Pad Down = slide offensive line protection to pinch the line
White Button + D-Pad Left or Right = slide offensive line protection to shift blocking left or right
Left Thumbstick Button = quiet crowd
Black Button + D-Pad = formation shift
B Button = fake snap


A Button = sprint
Right Thumbstick Up = truck stick
X Button (tap) = QB or wide receiver slide
X Button (hold) = QB or wide receiver dive
Y Button = cover up or protect ball
B Button = spin
Left or Right Trigger = juke left or right
Right Thumbstick Down = back juke
White or Black Button = stiff arm left or right


Right Thumbstick Left or Right = QB vision control
Right Trigger (+ receiver's button) = lock on to receiver
Left Thumbstick or D-Pad = precision passing
Y, X, B, White or Black Button = throw the ball
Right Thumbstick Button + Right Thumbstick = activate playmaker passing to guide closest receiver
Left Trigger (pull lightly) = throw ball away
Left Trigger (hold) + A, X, B, White or Black Button or Right Trigger = QB scramble behind the line with all the rushing moves available
Right Trigger (pull and release) = pump fake
B Button (while ball is airborne) = control intended receiver
X Button = dive for pass
A Button = sprint
Y Button = catch
Left or Right Trigger = swat or strafe


B Button = switch to closest blocker
X Button = cut block
A Button = sprint, power block
Y Button = jump
Y Button + White or Black Button = change blocking assignment before the snap


B Button (hold) = spike ball to stop the clock
Left or Right Trigger = instant replay
X Button (hold) = fake spike ball trick play
Y Button (hold) = no huddle, hurry-up offense



A or B Button = choose a player to control
A or B Button (hold) + D-Pad = switch to closest defender
Right Thumbstick Button = view individual assignments


Right Thumbstick Up = put linebackers and defensive lineman in a hook zone or DBs in a deep zone
Right Thumbstick Down = blitz
Right Thumbstick Down (twice) = QB contain blitz
Right Thumbstick Left = go into QB spy coverage
Right Thumbstick Right = play a flat zone


White Button + D-Pad Up = spread the defensive ends outside the tackles
White Button + D-Pad Down = move the line in tight between the tackles
White Button + D-Pad Left or Right = shift the line left or right
White Button + Left Trigger = reset the shift


White Button + Right Thumbstick Down = make line crash in
White Button + Right Thumbstick Up = make line rush to the outside
White Button + Right Thumbstick Left or Right = shift linebackers left or right


Black Button + D-Pad Up or Down = spread linebackers out, move them in tight
Black Button + D-Pad Left or Right = shift linebackers left or right
Black Button + Left Trigger = reset the shift


Black Button + Right Thumbstick Down = blitz all linebackers
Black Button + Right Thumbstick Up = call off all linebacker blitzes and put them into hook zone
Black Button + Right Thumbstick Left or Right = blitz the right or left outside linebacker


Y Button + Right Thumbstick = shift the safeties zone coverage


Y Button + D-Pad Down or Up = put DBs into bump and run loose coverage
Y Button + D-Pad Right = shift the safeties and linebackers into better position to cover their assigned man
Y Button + Right Trigger = make your defenders go to their default positions on the field
Y Button + Left Trigger = reset coverage


Y Button (+offensive player button) + D-Pad Down or Up = bump or play off the receiver
Y Button (+offensive player button) + D-Pad Right = double team the receiver with the highlighted defender


Left Thumbstick Button = pump up the crowd


B Button = control player nearest to the ball
Right Thumbstick = unleash the hit stick
X Button = dive
A Button = sprint, shove blocker
Y Button = jump, intercept, hands up while rushing QB
White or Black Button = strip ball
Left or Right Trigger = rip, swim, spin
Right Trigger = strafe
Left Trigger = rip, swat ball, swim move


Left Thumbstick = change kick direction and elevation
A Button = start kick meter, stop kick meter, set accuracy
B Button = switch players
Y Button = fair catch ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide