NHL 06

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The "06" edition of EA Sports' classic hockey series hits the ice with a number of new features. The "Skill Stick" control option is designed to allow players to aim their shots more accurately, with a quick flip of the right analog stick. The game's "Real Puck Motion" ("R.P.M.") physics system is designed to accurately reflect the sheer power of that little hunk of hard rubber moving at 90 mph, and allows effects like "rippling the twine" of the net, or even bumping the goalie's water bottle. Fast-moving pucks may now even injure unwary defensemen, or cause goalies to lose their cool. In addition to puck movement, the momentum of the players themselves is now accounted for. Larger players can put their full force into a clean check, but smaller players will be more agile, and able to turn more quickly to avoid those big hits. Favorite features from earlier seasons return, including professional play-by-play and color commentary, the chance to design and develop a custom player, and full representation of the National Hockey League's real-life teams, players, and arenas.

Game Controls



Left Analog Stick = move player, deke
R1 Button = speed burst
X Button = draw puck, win face-off
Select Button = activate fight
Circle or X Button = high or low punch
Triangle or Square Button = high or low block
Start Button = pause


X Button = pass
Circle Button = shoot, one-timer
Square Button = wrist shot
Triangle Button = auto deke
Right Analog Stick = skill stick
L2 Button = open ice control
R2 Button = open ice support


X Button = switch player
Square Button = poke check
Triangle Button = body check



D-Pad = offensive or defensive quick play strategies
L1 Button + D-Pad = line change menu, select line


L1 + X Button = drop pass
L1 + Triangle Button = spin deke
L1 Button = cancel shot
L1 + Select Button = pull or replace goalie


R2 Button = hook, tie up
L2 Button = dive, block
L1 + Square Button = block pass
L1 + Circle Button = slash
Right Analog Stick = bruise control
L1 + X Button = manual goalie ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide