Christmas in Connecticut

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War hero Dennis Morgan becomes the object of a publicity stunt staged by magazine publisher Sidney Greenstreet. The corpulent print mogul announces that Morgan has won a Christmas dinner, to be prepared by the magazine's housekeeping expert Barbara Stanwyck in her own Connecticut home. The catch: Not only does Stanwyck not have a home in Connecticut, but she's never been in a kitchen in her life! She also doesn't have a husband (as her articles claim), so Stanwyck's erstwhile beau Reginald Gardiner is pressed into service as the hubby. As for the cooking, that will be handled by master chef S. Z. "Cuddles" Sakall. This solves everything, right? No way, Jose. Long dismissed as a lesser film farce, Christmas in Connecticut has its own irresistible charm, and has in recent years become a perennial Christmas TV attraction. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Christmas in Connecticut
1. Credits [1:08]
2. In the Mood for food [4:53]
3. Working the old magoo [3:43]
4. In a little trouble [3:29]
5. Mink and breakfast [2:58]
6. In a little trouble [4:06]
7. Her holiday guests [3:03]
8. Instant spouse and farm [5:32]
9. Attending to details [4:12]
10. Here comes the...sailor [5:14]
11. Bath time [4:10]
12. Yardley arrives [3:52]
13. Short cut [1:34]
14. Circulation boosts [3:51]
15. Wedding in waiting [4:25]
16. Moonlight snow and a cow [6:03]
17. Goodnight, John [2:40]
18. Changing the baby [2:08]
19. No time to take inventory [2:40]
20. Flip me just one [3:34]
21. Invitation to dance [4:33]
22. Sleigh ride [4:25]
23. Bye bye baby [2:29]
24. Blatant immortality [3:56]
25. That settles it [4:19]
26. Great fixer [4:56]
27. What a wife.... and a Christmas [3:13]