The 40 Year Old Virgin (Unrated)

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Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) Has Gone 40 Years Without "Doing It." Now His Pals Are Making It Their Mission to Help Him Score... Fast! Can He Survive Their Hilariously Bad Advice? Will He Land in the Arms of the Way-Too-Experienced or the Way-Too-Drunk? Direction: Judd Apatow, Actors: Catherine Keener, Elizabeth Banks, Gerry Bednob, Jane Lynch, Leslie Mann, Special Features: Deleted Scenes (With Optional Commentaries); You Know How I Know You're Gay? (With Optional Commentaries); Andy's Fantasies (With Optional Commentaries); Cal & Paula (With Optional Commentaries); Advice from Mooj; Waxing Doc; Date-A-Palooza; Line-O- Rama; My Dinner with Stormy; Feature Commentary with Director / Co-Writer Judd Apato, Actor / Co-Writer Steve Carell. Anamorphic 16 X 9, 1.85:1, Widescreen Format. Language: English / Add. French, Spanish / Sub. Spanish, English, French. Year: 2005 Runtime: 133 Minutes.