Santa's Slay

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Jolly old Saint Nick goes from the nice list to the naughty list when an old wager runs up and his promise to be nice takes a backseat to his murderous impulses in this comic tale of terror from first-time director David Steiman. It turns out that the story of Santa Claus as we know it isn't quite the whole story, and instead of being a kind hearted gift-giver, Santa is actually a devilish life-taker. It was 1000 years ago that the cherubic devil lost a bet with an angel that forced him to play nice for an entire millennium. Though he remained true to his word and spread Christmas cheer for what secretly seemed like an eternity, Santa's patience has run dry with the expiration of the wager, and when this bet runs up the legend of kindly old Kriss Kringle will never be quite the same. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Santa's Slay
1. Main Titles / Santa's Slay [6:20]
2. An Unpleasant Customer [2:27]
3. Power Failure [6:40]
4. The Scarey Truth [5:27]
5. Santa Visits the Strip Club [5:15]
6. Curling With Santa [5:44]
7. Christmas Day [2:59]
8. Trouble at Heaven Scent [5:43]
9. Pulled Over [3:43]
10. Done Spreading Goodness and Cheer [4:39]
11. Festivities Disrupted [3:15]
12. Hunted by Santa [5:26]
13. Anoter Wager [6:55]
14. A Flying Buck [3:33]
15. Time for Clean Up [3:19]
16. End Credits [6:20]