Man [Widescreen]

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Les Mayfield directs Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy in the buddy action comedy The Man. Jackson plays ATF agent Derrick Vann. His partner, who it turns out was corrupt, has been killed after a cache of guns were stolen from the ATF office in Detroit. Internal affairs believe Derrick was in on the gun theft, forcing him to go off on his own to bring the bad guys to justice. Dental supply salesman Andy Fiddler (Levy) happens to be in Detroit for a business convention. During the course of figuring out who is responsible for his partner's death, Derrick arrests Andy because of a miscommunication. Soon the hard-edged law enforcer and the meek businessman team up to extricate themselves from their life-threatening predicament. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Man
1. Opening Title [2:58]
2. Trust Can Get You Dead [2:38]
3. The Hook Up [2:41]
4. A Taste [2:43]
5. The Stick Up [1:01]
6. "The Turk" [2:30]
7. The Package [2:00]
8. 911 [3:48]
9. First & Bagley [2:49]
10. The Line Up [5:17]
11. "Crying Out Loud" [2:09]
12. The Promise [1:39]
13. It Drives Pretty Good [6:16]
14. Booty [6:26]
15. Don't Trust Anyone [3:46]
16. Lucky's Bar & Grill [7:58]
17. Meeting Kane [4:47]
18. Long Goodbyes [1:22]
19. Dental Conference [1:19]
20. One More Thing [4:32]
21. Chit Chat [2:35]
22. The Deal [3:45]
23. The Airport [3:52]
24. End Credits [4:07]

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