Super Mario Strikers

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Following in the cleat-prints of games such as Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Power Tennis, Super Mario Strikers presents a fast-paced take on the sport of soccer, with a decidedly Mushroom Kingdom-esque skew. Players build a team of their favorite Mario game characters, and challenge teams of rival characters on a powered-up pitch. The game is designed for solid, responsive action, but the use of special items such as bananas, mushrooms, koopa shells, and other familiar goodies kicks a little video game-style chaos into the competition. Various tournament and quick play modes are available, and multiplayer games support up to four.

Game Controls

Control Stick = select, move
Control Pad = select
C Stick = deke move, throw off your opponent's timing
A Button = confirm selection, pass, switch character
B Button = cancel, shoot, slide tackle, clear
X Button = use the power-up item
Y Button = deke move, big hit
Z Button = switch between power-up items
R Button + Control Stick = turbo run
L + A Button = lob pass
L + B Button = lob shot
Start/Pause Button = pause menu ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide