No Way Out

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A pioneering film about racial tensions, No Way Out stars Richard Widmark as a criminal named Ray Biddle, who despises African-Americans. Sidney Poitier (in his screen debut) is the black doctor, Luther Brooks, assigned to take care of the wounded Ray. Dr. Brooks, hired by the police hospital as part of an overall program to integrate the staff, keeps his temper in check as Ray spouts his racist invective. When Ray's brother, also wounded, dies in the hospital, the blustering bigot holds Dr. Brooks responsible and sends word to his gang to wreak vengeance on the city's black community. But the blacks turn the tables on the whites and fight them off. Ray then breaks out of the hospital with Dr. Brooks as hostage. His plans to kill the doctor are thwarted by Ray's girlfriend (Linda Darnell), who finally becomes fed up with his blind hatred. No Way Out was considered potent stuff in 1950; it was still regarded as a hot potato in 1962, when @NBC dropped plans to telecast the film on "Saturday Night at the Movies." ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- No Way Out
1. Main Titles [1:09]
2. Willing To Learn [3:52]
3. The Bright Biddle Brothers [3:15]
4. Spinal Tap [1:30]
5. Now That Johnny's Gone [4:46]
6. An Administrative Nightmare [3:20]
7. Set Up [2:19]
8. Seeking Permission [4:50]
9. End of His Shift [:05]
10. The Garbage of Beaver Canal [4:13]
11. Tonight Is Johnny's Night [3:40]
12. Meeting At Boot Hill [3:46]
13. Aftermath of Bigotry [2:55]
14. Forcing the Issue [2:46]
15. More Like Me [5:19]
16. People of the Dark [4:01]
17. No One Cares [3:54]
18. Silent Noise [:57]
19. Lying In Wait [7:39]
20. Don't Cry You'll Live [:28]