Prince of Persia: Revelations

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Based on the 2004 console release, Warrior Within, this portable Prince of Persia action-adventure follows the noble hero on an epic quest to challenge fate itself, in a battle to avoid his own preordained demise. The acrobatic Prince must platform-jump, puzzle-solve, and swordfight through a quest that leads him to the surreal island home of terrible monsters that represent humankind's greatest fears. The game's fighting mechanics are designed to allow the Prince to string together jabs and slashes into customized combination attacks, and developing these skills will be crucial. Supernatural abilities will also play an important role, and the Prince can employ his influence over the "Ravages of Time" to give himself a fighting chance against otherwise overwhelming odds.

Game Controls


Square Button = attack
X Button = action
Triangle Button = secondary weapon
Circle Button = pick up weapon, throw weapon, climb down
D-Pad Down (hold) = rewind
D-Pad Down (tap) = slow motion
D-Pad Up = alternate view
D-Pad Right = look
D-Pad Left = reset camera, center camera
R Button = special action, block
L Button = allow camera movement
Analog Stick = move character


R Button = walling, swing, block
L Button (hold) = control camera
Analog Stick = move character, move camera
Triangle Button (prince) = secondary weapon attack
Triangle Button (dark prince) = chain swing, chain attack
Triangle Button = grab, speed kill
Circle Button (prince) = pick up and throw weapon, drop down
Circle Button (dark prince) = spin chain
X Button = roll, jump, perform action
Square Button = dagger attack
Start Button = pause menu
D-Pad Right = toggle first-person
D-Pad Left = center camera behind prince
D-Pad Up = landscape camera
D-Pad Down (tap) = slow down time
D-Pad Down (hold) = rewind time
R Button + D-Pad Down = attack powers
Home Button = home menu ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide