Lacombe, Lucien [Criterion Collection]

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With a superb music score by Django Reinhardt, this is a Louis Malle film about the German occupation of France. Based on his own experiences in France during the occupation, Malle's film does not paint a pretty picture of the French Resistance and eventually he emigrated to America because of the critical reaction to this film. Essentially the tale of a young boy who wants to join the Resistance but is shunned by them because of his youth, he joins the Gestapo. Unfortunately, he then falls in love with a young Jewish girl. Push comes to shove and he suddenly has the unsympathetic Resistance and the Gestapo hot on his trail. Not a pretty picture of either side. ~ Tana Hobart, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Lacombe, Lucien
1. Opening Credits [5:41]
2. Unwanted Visitors [3:51]
3. Rabbit Hunt [8:04]
4. Caught After Curfew [6:04]
5. Collaborators' Refuge [6:22]
6. Joining the Police [1:48]
7. Lucien's First Suit [5:46]
8. A Real Pink Lady [7:44]
9. A Ruse to Arrest the Doctor [6:52]
10. Golf Pants [8:45]
11. Gift of Champagne [12:38]
12. "I've Come for Your Daughter" [7:53]
13. "I'm Tired of Being a Jew" [8:24]
14. Deadly Car Accident [4:53]
15. A Visit From Mother [7:27]
16. A Daughter and a Whore [4:33]
17. "A Jew Is a Rat" [8:19]
18. Ambushed [5:27]
19. Escaping the Police [4:21]
20. Hideout in the Country [4:34]
21. Moments of Peace [8:11]