MLB '06: The Show

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The only first-party baseball game for 2006 with real players and teams, Sony's MLB 06 continues the PlayStation 2 sports series with a number of enhanced features. The career and franchise modes from previous games now include "career spotlights" and morale. Players who embark on a career will have each noteworthy achievement and failure documented over time, while franchise owners must keep a watchful eye on each athlete's salary, spot in the batting order, and amount of playing time to keep the clubhouse happy and running smoothly. Rivalries between friends or specific teams can be tracked as well, with the game recording wins, losses, team batting averages, and other pertinent statistics between the two clubs. MLB 06 also features "game time decisions" throughout the course of a career or franchise, letting players decide whether to rest injured athletes or have them grind through their maladies during a key game or series. A new mode called King of the Diamond has arcade-minded baseball fans selecting a pitcher and batter before trying to hit the ball to different areas in a shooting gallery-style ballpark. The team with the most runs before time expires wins the mini-game. Dave Campbell and Matt Vasgersian are joined by former player Rex Hudler for all-new commentary designed to take into account game-specific situations rather than generic observations. EyeToy and online support are once again included, with the latter offering real-time MLB updates with 31 different feeds.

Game Controls


X Button = pitch type 1
Circle Button = pitch type 2
Triangle Button = pitch type 3
Square Button = pitch type 4
R1 Button = pitch type 5
L1 + X Button = pitch out
L1 + Circle Button = intentional walk


Circle Button = pickoff to 1st base
Triangle Button = pickoff to 2nd base
Square Button = pickoff to 3rd base
X Button = pitch
D-Pad Left = position ball in strike zone
R1 Button = step off rubber


D-Pad Left = swing direction in zone
X Button = swing
X Button (press and release) = check swing
Square Button = power swing
Circle Button = sacrifice bunt
Circle Button (at last moment) = drag bunt
R2 Button = pitch history
R2 + X Button = guess pitch type 1
R2 + Circle Button = guess pitch type 2
R2 + Triangle Button = guess pitch type 3
R2 + Square Button = guess pitch type 4
R2 + R1 Button = guess pitch type 5
R2 Button + Left Analog Stick = guess pitch location
Right Analog Stick Up = try for fly ball
Right Analog Stick Down = try for a ground ball
Right Analog Stick Right = try to hit the ball to the right side
Right Analog Stick Left = try to hit the ball to the left side
R3 Button = activate or deactivate batter's eye camera
Left Analog Stick Left or Right = control batter's eye camera
Select Button = pitcher or batter status window



L2 Button = all runners steal
L2 Button + Circle, Triangle, Square = steal 2nd, 3rd or home
Triangle Button + D-Pad Up = manually steal 2nd base
Square Button + D-Pad Left = manually steal 3rd base
X Button + D-Pad Down = manually steal home
L1 Button = lead of all runners
R1 Button = lead back all runners
L1 Button + Circle, Triangle or Square Button = lead off individual runner
R1 Button + Circle, Triangle or Square Button = lead back individual runner


L1 Button = advance all runners
R1 Button = return all runners
L1 Button + Circle, Triangle or Square Button = advance individual runner
R1 Button + Circle, Triangle or Square Button = return individual runner
Circle, Triangle or Square Button + D-Pad = advance multiple bases



Left Analog Stick or D-Pad = move players
Right Analog Stick = jump, dive
L2 Button = switch to closest player
R1 Button = jump
R2 Button = dive


D-Pad or Left Analog Stick = move player
Circle Button = throw to 1st base
Triangle Button = throw to 2nd base
Square Button = throw to 3rd base
X Button = throw to home base
L1 Button = throw to relay man
R2 Button = dive with ball
Start Button = pause menu ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide