Long, Long Trailer

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At the height of their TV fame, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were contracted by MGM to make two theatrical films. The first of these, The Long, Long Trailer, stars Lucy and Desi as an upwardly mobile couple who decide to buy a trailer so they can live together while his job takes him around the country. Thanks to their naivete in such matters, they end up with a huge, bulky RV that costs five times what they planned. Their "seeing America" trip turns out to be a slapstick disaster, topped by Lucy's foolish decision to hide a heavy rock collection in the trailer; as Desi tries to maneuver a treacherous mountain road, the weighted-down home-on-wheels nearly loses its balance and almost tumbles off a cliff. The story is told in flashback, as Desi 'splains the breakup of his marriage to a motel court manager. Happily, Lucy shows up, goes "Waaaaah" a little, and all is forgiven. Despite the fact that audiences were getting Ball and Arnaz for free each week on television, The Long, Long Trailer was a big hit at the box-office. The film was adapted by Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich from a novel by Clinton Twiss, with uncredited assistance from the I Love Lucy writing staff. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Long, Long Trailer
1. Credits [1:12]
2. Don't Buy a Trailer [3:15]
3. Tacy's Dream Home [3:41]
4. Trailer Show [5:18]
5. Additional Purchases [4:01]
6. Trailerphobia [4:31]
7. 40-Foot Freight Train [3:17]
8. Red Light, Wrong Turn [4:11]
9. Trailerite Invasion [4:51]
10. Butting Shower Heads [2:50]
11. Their Slant on Chores [6:30]
12. Mud Flop [4:18]
13. Reverse Misfortune [6:07]
14. Deep-Freeze Departure [2:51]
15. Our First Rock [2:12]
16. Breezin' Along With the Breeze [2:49]
17. Tacy at the Wheel [4:27]
18. Kiss and Make Up [2:51]
19. Kitchen Chaos [4:48]
20. No Sale [3:31]
21. Weight Redistribution [5:12]
22. Barely Making the Grade [5:23]
23. Marriage on the Rocks [4:02]
24. Not This Trailer [3:02]
25. Cast List [:29]