Yellow Sky

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William Wellman's westerns always seemed a little claustrophobic, but in Yellow Sky the director's technique works to the film's advantage. Outlaw leader Gregory Peck takes refuge in a frontier ghost town. The only inhabitants are elderly James Barton and his pretty granddaughter Anne Baxter. Barton reveals that there's gold hereabouts, prompting a few of Peck's companions--especially Richard Widmark--to plot the old man's demise and claim the treasure for themselves. For his part, Peck is basically honorable, and offers to split fifty-fifty with Barton. Dissension, hostility and gunplay ensue, finally narrowing down to a standoff between Peck and Widmark. Yellow Sky was based on a novel by W.R. Burnett, who moved from westerns to gangster stories and back again with the greatest of ease. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Yellow Sky
1. Main Titles [1:09]
2. Filling Up [4:29]
3. Kid's Piggy Bank [3:21]
4. Unlucky Place [3:53]
5. Precious Life [4:50]
6. Ghost Town [3:08]
7. Oasis [3:14]
8. Quite a Punch [2:47]
9. No Messing Around [2:48]
10. Like a Female [5:49]
11. Following a Hunch [3:29]
12. Who's the Boss? [4:58]
13. Flag of Truce [3:42]
14. Plumb Greedy [5:38]
15. Digging for Gold [1:46]
16. Burr Under the Saddle [3:50]
17. Sad and Lonely [4:56]
18. Good People [4:36]
19. Striking It Rich [2:38]
20. Wrong Impression [3:32]
21. Playing Square [7:02]
22. Under Cover of Darkness [7:55]
23. To the Finish [4:45]
24. A New Leaf [4:01]