Day in October

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Shot on location in Denmark, this riveting and inspirational WW II-era drama chronicles the courage of a young Jewish woman who risks her life and that of her family by concealing a wounded resistance fighter in their home in 1943 just prior to the Nazi invasion of Denmark. The girl eventually falls in love with the wounded man. After he heals, he and the other freedom fighters help the imperiled Danish Jews flee to the safety of Sweden. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- A Day in October
1. Nazis Occupation [6:31]
2. The Bomb [3:18]
3. Jewish Family [5:05]
4. Bleeding Man [8:16]
5. Who Is This? [11:01]
6. Also Jewish [6:16]
7. Helping the Resistance [9:02]
8. Both Dead [9:57]
9. Two Small Bags [13:25]
10. Welcome Back [14:01]
11. Escaping in Boat [7:18]
12. End Credits [2:08]